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A Global Community Starting
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Join this growing community of travelers, hosts and adventurers.


Travelers who live for Adventure


Communities who love to Connect


Business Travelers who appreciate Comfort


Hosts who enjoy creating Experiences


Travelers who live for Adventure


Communities who love to Connect


Business Travelers who appreciate Comfort


Hosts who enjoy creating Experiences

Feel welcome & have fun when you travel

Create lasting experiences with family, friends or even solo when you travel with Muzbnb.

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See what community influencers are saying

Imam Johari Abdul-Malik

Director of Outreach for Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center of Northern Virginia

"Now is the perfect time for Muzbnb. We owe it to ourselves, Muslims and other people of faith & moral conviction to open our hearts and our homes with Muzbnb. This venture is on the ball."

Amany Killawi

Co-founder & COO
of LaunchGood

"Muzbnb offers frequent travelers like me an opportunity to further connect and support a Burgeoning Islamic global ecosystem through the simple act of staying in a fellow Muslim's home."

Khaled Hussein

Founder & CTO
of Tilt

"Muzbnb is a really innovative approach to a traditional Islamic principle – hospitality to ALL guests. Ideas like this are what propels our communities forward. I am a HUGE fan already."

Nana Firman

of Global Muslim Climate Network

"I have been a world traveler since I was very young and often dreamed of an easy way to stay with Muslim families in different places. Muzbnb seems to give the answer to my quest! I look forward for more exciting moments."

Youssef Kromah

on Huda TV Egypt

"The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ taught us, Muslims, the art of hospitality and courtesy to our guests, so there is no reason why Muzbnb should not only be effective as a business but also as a platform of da'wah. And we ask Allah to make it so."

Yasmeen Bint Haneef

Founder & Owner
at Carver's Produce

"My husband and I travel often and we love connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. We're so excited that we'll be able to connect with Muslims from all over using Muzbnb!"

Rabia Chaudry

National Security Fellow
at The New America Foundation

"Muzbnb is an exciting new venture catering not only to the needs of Muslim travelers but also anyone who wants a family friendly environment. I'm looking forward to being welcomed by hosts who understand my needs. I highly encourage everyone give it a try."

Walid Darab

of the Greed for Ilm podcast

"Muzbnb offers a platform for Muslim hosts and travelers to keep their hard-earned money within the community, build and expand our social network as well as provide piece of mind when traveling. Our younger generation will thank us for providing a great service like Muzbnb."

Amirah Sackett

Teacher, Choreographer, Dancer
at We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic

“I always love searching out halal restaurants and mosques while I travel to connect with the local Muslim community. Muzbnb makes finding these connections easier and fills a much needed niche in the lodging industry! “

Oussama Mezoui

President & CEO
of Penny Appeal USA

“Great social entrepreneurs see a problem & through market forces try to provide a solution. That’s exactly what the Muzbnb team is doing. Their desire to use their platform to support humanitarian causes makes their endeavor even more impressive!”

Hanan Challouki


"Muzbnb is an initiative that caters to certain needs Muslim travelers have. To be able to connect with Muslims from around the world. And of course, locals always know the best halal restaurants in town, which is also pretty handy."

Sally El Bassir


"I'm looking forward to using Muzbnb to better connect with fellow Muslims when I'm abroad. It will be nice to support my global "family" away from home!"

Zobaida Falah

of Cure Bar

“I will absolutely be using Muzbnb for my next trip and feel it will offer a lot of lucidity to my travel experience. It is such a unique idea and there is definitely a gap in the market for a platform such as this.”

Zain & Huda


“Traveling and meeting Muslims across the world has taught us that the Muslim ummah truly is one family and that we have a home no matter where we go. It's great to see Muzbnb develop a platform that makes this idea a reality!”

Yvonne Maffei

Founder, Publisher

“I am so thrilled to see Muzbnb available for our use. What a fantastic opportunity to travel and stay in interesting places that are also comfortable with regards to our lifestyle. It's a phenomenal idea mashaAllah and I wish you guys all the best!”

Fayaz Nawabi

Public Relations
at CAIR (San Diego)

“I look forward to using Muzbnb because it not only makes it easier on my wallet, but it also gives me the opportunity to support my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters financially.”

Preacher Moss

Stand-up Comedian and Writer

“Muzbnb is a breakthrough for ending the phenomenon of strange Muslims showing up at your house acting like they know you. On behalf of Tablighi Jammat… Go Muzbnb!!”

Suhaib Webb

American Scholar

"Muzbnb affords Muslims the blessing of travel while ensuring that the places they stay conform to religious dictates. Additionally, it is a great way to keep the dollar in our community. As a frequent traveler, I look forward to using Muzbnb."

With MuzbnbTM, finding a welcoming and accommodating space to rent when you travel is a thing of the past

Join us today as we revive the tradition of exceptional hospitality and adventure.