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Muzbnb is a halal hospitality marketplace that connects travelers with short-term rental homes, hotels, restaurants, products and more.


To encourage travel, adventure, and the building of a global community where people of faith feel comfortable and accepted while traveling, all while having fun.


To become the global leader in faith-based travel & lodging accommodations.


The new growth industry in Africa is Muslim tourism

Co-founder and CEO Hadi Shakur hopes to enrich the experiences of Muslim travelers and to have them feel treated not “as a liability, but rather as an asset.” Muzbnb says it has received listing ...

Australian Muslim Times
Meet “Muzbnb”, faith-based homestay network for Muslim travellers

With the Muslim travel market proving to be an increasingly lucrative one, currently estimated to be worth USD126 billion (, Muslim entrepreneurs and Start-ups are keen to service t...

Rejected by Airbnb, travellers and entrepreneurs are going their own way

In December 2016, Hadi Shakuur launched a rival Muslim P2P rental site, Muzbnb. The community lists a variety of spaces, ranging from rooms to houses to apartments. “[Muzbnb is] a travel company th...

Greed for Ilm Podcast
EP 203 - Hadi Shakuur, Co-Founder of Muzbnb - Greed for Ilm

I am joined by Hadi Shakuur, Co-Founder and CEO of He shares his background, and the reason behind starting a "Muslim Airbnb." Muzbnb offers a platform for Muslim hosts and travelers to ke...

MD News Network
We're Talking With Muhammad Oda about MUZBNB

#MUZBNB, the Muslim-focused home-sharing company was started by two DC area entrepreneurs. They wanted to offer a solution for Muslims who need a place to stay when traveling....

American Muslims Are Canceling Spring Break Trips To Avoid Being Hassled At The Airport

Among the most anticipated is Muzbnb, a Muslim spin on the Airbnb model, but one that makes sure that a Mohamed or a Fatima isn’t turned away when they try to rent a cabin for a ski trip. The site i...

BNN (video)
Muzbnb: New home-sharing for Muslims, amid Trumps travel ban

It's Airbnb for the Muslim community. Muzbnb creator talks about why this is an important service at a time of political uncertainty in the U.S. and globally.

Muzbnb Muslim Friendly alternative to Airbnb

But fear not! There is a bright future ahead for Muslim travelers. The start-up ‘Muzbnb’ presents itself as the solution and the beacon of light and hope for the Muslim community. Muzbnb is a fait...

Layali Webzine
This company offers Muslim-friendly lodgings for travelers

This startup wants to create safe spaces for Muslim travelers across the globe. Traveling is in itself stressful, so the idea of a Muslim-friendly home-away-from-home sounds almost too good to be tr...

The Tempest
Meet Attia Nasar of Muzbnb, the disruptive startup solving the problems of Muslim travelers

There’s a niche in the market in terms of startups and, tech startups, to be more specific, that cater to the Muslim community’s needs; however, Muzbnb has hit the nail on the head, because they...

Is This Startup The Future of Muslim Travel?

The website will officially go live later this year, and when it does, it will function in the same way that Airbnb does: users can choose to book a space, offer a space, or both. They then select the...

Meet the Founder of the First Air BNB for Muslims: Muzbnb

Muslim Girl had a chance to speak with CEO and Founder of Muzbnb, Hadi Shakuur. According to their website, Muzbnb’s “community lists a variety of spaces ranging from houses, apartments, condos...

Muzbnb: Everything You'd Expect From a Home-Sharing Service, Minus Islamophobia

Shakuur established the company to fill a need in the Muslim community for safe spaces in travel. And while non-Muslims will be able to use Muzbnb, its hosts support the values of Muslim travelers, so...

LISTEN: D.C. Startup Company Aims To Create ‘Muslim Airbnb’

A group of Muslim D.C. residents is looking to start up a website allowing people to open up homes that are welcoming and accommodating to Muslims. The new startup, named Muzbnb, looks to capitalize b...

Travelers Are Going to Love These Muslim-Friendly Alternatives to AirBnB

With 1.8 billion Muslim travelers across the globe, the need for Muslim friendly holiday accommodations is increasing. Despite the high amount of Muslim travelers, there is still a huge gap in the hal...

The Memo
Muzbnb: the prejudice-free future of Muslim travel

Like Airbnb, the Muzbnb platform is simple: you can list a home or you can rent a home. And, in a similar way to Noirbnb (where you do not have to be black), you don’t have to be a Muslim to sign ...

Washington Business Journal
D.C. startup launches Muslim-focused home-sharing with Muzbnb

As a practicing Muslim, Hadi Shakuur is well aware of the specific needs those of his faith have when they’re traveling: everything from space to pray to recommendations for nearby halal dining op...

US start-up pre-launches new P2P property rental platform for Muslims’ Islamic needs

Muzbnb told Salaam Gateway it is currently soliciting emails and has received interest from hosts of houses, apartments and villas in Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Indonesia, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia,...


Muzbnb launches first phase of website and begins accepting hosts [Press Release]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Muzbnb launches first phase of website and begins accepting hosts Washington, DC – August 30, 2017 Muzbnb, a faith based home-stay network startup is now accepting hosts to...

Partnership between Muzbnb and Penny Appeal (USA)

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Penny Appeal (USA). Penny Appeal USA is a nonprofit development organization working to alleviate poverty through sustainable programs. Their mission is...

Partnership between Muzbnb and IslamicGPS

We are pleased to announce our partnership with IslamicGPS. IslamicGPS is the first augmented reality Islamic App which helps people find mosques and discover knowledge about islamic heritage sites in...

(Press Release) The Future of Muslim Travel is Muzbnb

Washington, DC – January 23, 2017 Muzbnb™, a startup faith-based homestay network announced today that it has pre-launched its online platform and expects to begin listing properties by spring of...


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