What Research Says About Millennial Travelers

As we know that Millennials have grown up in a completely different world. This world offers them an easy way to travel, which is cheaper, than what is was for the previous generation. And they are taking complete advantage of it, by exploring the world and all the experiences it has to offer. Today, Millennials are growing more in number, and as the times passes there is more and judgements about Millennial travelers. To help you understand better, here is what research says about Millennial travelers.

1. Budget - it is an open fact that Millennial travelers are budget conscious, but research shows that, they tend to spend where they feel the need. As their priorities are different from other travelers, which is why Millennial travelers might not spend on things most travelers do. For instance, reports show that Millennial travelers pay a large sum of money for various indulgences while saving in other areas.

2. Party Destination - Millennials are only interested in party destinations, is what it plastered all over time. But that is not true, as most Millennials reported that they rather go on an exploring trip to Europe. However, there are a fair number of Millennials who indulge in other kinds of traveling such as historical sites, party destination, or for a cultural experience.

3. Internet - it is a common perception that Millennials are children of the internet, so all their research and sources are taken from the internet. As they love to be connected, the will pay more for a hotel or b&b that offers free Wi-Fi, than a place that does not. Apart from that, their main influence is the internet. Which is why 76% of Millennials are influenced by pictures of other friends, and 80% admitted that they are highly influenced by reviews on websites.

4. Authenticity - Millennials are all about authentic experiences, as they love to wander and just get a lay of the land. They are more open to new ideas, and show more interest in local culture and trends than most travelers. So when it comes to food, their sources is social media. However, this is not limited to food, as many Millennials admitted that they take to social media when they are confused about anything travel related. Either it is looking for good places to eat nearby, or just a nice and cozy place to crash for the night.

5. Trips - myths show that group tours are all the rage with Millennials. However, 37% of Millennials said they intend to take a solo trip, no matter how dangerous it might be. Which indicates that more solo travelers are on their way, as with a group they do not feel they have enough freedom to make random decisions. As Millennials wish to explore, it makes sense that more and more are leaning towards solo or pair travelling. Moreover, a large number of Millennials feel they can still have the freedom they want with group tours, as there is a huge added benefit of safety.

6. Travel Agents - it is a common misconception that Millennials simply rely on online websites, by more than 30% of Millennial travelers have been using travel agents in the last year alone. The general conception that they do not wish to use agents is not accurate. According to a study 2 out of 5 Millennial traveler book their trips using a travel agent, and the number is gradually increasing.

7. Cruising - there was a time when it was a general misconception that Millennial travelers dislike cruises. However, recent research shows that more than 27% of Millennials take a cruise trip each year. This was seen in comparison with baby boomers and Gen Xers. As the results stated that Millennials cruise more than 2.5 times more than others. Moreover, what is more interesting to see is that more Millennial men tend to take up a cruise, when compared with Millennial women.

These are the few facts that come to light when we look at research and facts that surround the Millennial travelers, rather than the never ending myths that have been created over time. These seven research points will help clear out the myths, so you can understand Millennial travelers and their mindset better.