San Diego: A look at America’s finest City

If you are coming to San Diego I probably don’t have to tell you about our famous beaches and great weather. You probably already have a pretty good idea on where you are going to shop and might even have your shopping list ready. It is possible some of the places I have on this list are already on your agenda; if so good. Every city has many different sides to it. It’s the unpredictable combination of culture and history that makes each place in the world a unique experience; San Diego is no different.  

Balboa Park:

No one should come to San Diego and not come to this great park. This is the heart of the city hands down. Also this happens to be my favorite place in the city. You literally can come here for days and never run out of new things to discover or do. I’ve been coming here for years and it still manages to surprise me. Hiking trails, gardens, restaurants, museums, a world famous zoo (and largest zoo in the world), a lighted promenade and events year round. Seriously don’t leave this city without coming here at least once.

Sea Port Village:

This place is made for tourist but I can’t help coming back. It’s the boardwalk. The views from the bay are priceless; especially at night. It is downtown so you are near everything. And recently the adjacent old San Diego police headquarters was turned into a shopping destination with upscale dining and a nod to the history of the building as a police precinct. Make sure no matter how you begin your night you end it walking on the boardwalk. If you come in the summer you can even catch fireworks from 3 different locations.


The uptown neighborhoods of Golden Hill, South Park, Hillcrest and North Park are the home of all that is cool in the city. You can find unique clothes, lots of food choices and an international news stand that serves as community hub.  There are also many creative art spaces and performing art venues. These communities are great for people watching and finding truly unique gifts you won’t see anywhere else.

New Children’s Museum:

If you bring kids with you they will love this place. It is an interactive museum that promotes science and creativity.  They will be engaged, excited and most importantly tired out by the time you leave this experience. And they just might learn something as well.

Masjidul Taqwa:

The Oldest documented Mosque in California, its history spans over fifty years. Its walls bear the proof. In the Pioneer room you have pictures of a proud community. A long standing community that, amazingly, was even documented in a San Diego history museum exhibit. And being close to downtown Jumuah has a mix of local and true community pillars along with visiting guests and international college students. Definitely worth the stop.

Islamic Center of San Diego:

This is the largest Muslim community in San Diego and they do a lot of outreach to the community at large with a wide range of events all year long.  If you come to Jumuah here come early. They have two services both get packed.

San Diego Botanical Garden:

This 30 acre botanical garden is a great place to walk in peace and serenity. This park has a large collection of Native California plants as well as flora from around the world.


This town is a cool day trip within the county but a little way outside of the city. If you can make it out you won’t regret it. The town is known for its apple products, which are great, but the great hiking trails and town history is what makes this a wonderful place.

Old town:

The “Original” San Diego is cool. You can see where Spanish and Mexican culture merge with American history in a fun tourist kind of way. It is fun to walk around and imagine how people must have lived here in the last century. It is set up for the tourist to enjoy but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Hotel Del Coronado:

Even if you don’t check out the hotel the Island of Coronado is just a sight to see. This hotel hearkens back to the day when San Diego was a sleepy little town that Hollywood came to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And when you see it you will know why.

This list just scratches the surface of things to do in “Americas Finest City.”  I’m positive you will enjoy the openness, diversity and natural beauty that San Diego has to offer.  It is a great place to live, and a wonderful place to visit. Enjoy.