Partnership between Muzbnb and Penny Appeal (USA)

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Penny Appeal (USA). Penny Appeal USA is a nonprofit development organization working to alleviate poverty through sustainable programs. Their mission is to bring about an equitable world by tackling the root causes of poverty, while bridging the gap between funders and poor communities in order to work together on long-term solutions that can help end inter-generational poverty. 

Book a home, Build a home.

Our users will have the option of rounding up each transaction made on our site to the nearest dollar to be donated to the development of Penny Appeal USA's OrphanKind Village. Beyond that, users will also have the option to donate any amount of their choosing to Penny Appeal USA's OrphanKind Village program. The true mark of our platform over others is the value it creates not only for the said consumer, but for the world at large. 

Children should smile, play, and have fun. Losing one or both parents shouldn’t change that.

Penny Appeal USA's OrphanKind Village is designed to make sure of it. By providing each child with all the essentials for their emotional, psychological, and physical growth, they can help every orphan pave a way to a brighter future in the face of tremendous loss.

Education is the great leveler. For the children in Orphankind, education unlocks a brighter future.

Raising a child is about more than providing food and shelter; it’s about providing nourishment for their entire well-being. Penny Appeal USA's program is designed to work with each child to monitor and improve their intellectual, psychological, emotional, and spiritual development. And by maintaining a culturally-sensitive approach, they can help each child stay connected with their local community.

Every child deserves an equal opportunity to education, healthcare, and love.

Recognizing the importance of strengthening the communities that care for and support orphans, Penny Appeal USA's OrphanKind Village program is dedicated to building a community centered around nurturing orphaned children.

Each of the homes in the orphan village houses 10 orphaned children and together with a trained foster mother, they form a family. The community is designed to provide for the complete nurturing of each child through education, access to quality healthcare, and the love of a foster mother to tend to their emotional and psychological needs.

Growing together: A true Ecosystem for Change.

We at Muzbnb are committed to use our platform for the good of the entirety of our community, not just those who are seeking travel accommodations. This partnership with Penny Appeal USA allows us to focus on the root causes of poverty in many of our communities, and with God's blessing, remove them.