Partnership between Muzbnb and IslamicGPS

We are pleased to announce our partnership with IslamicGPS. IslamicGPS is the first augmented reality Islamic App which helps people find mosques and discover knowledge about islamic heritage sites in an interactive and engaging way. They enable the power for a person to become their own tour guide and learn about Islamic places to a greater depth.

Finding homes near mosques and Islamic landmarks

Our partnership with IslamicGPS will allow our users to search for homes that are close to mosques and Islamic landmarks, making their trips that much more accommodating and enjoyable.

The IslamicGPS app

An innovative way to learn the history of the Muslim world. Discovering the lost heritage of Islam, the various landmarks and historical sites across the world has never be so stress-free. You will have the power to discover eye-catching and historical landmarks wherever you travel in the muslim world. Unravel our Islamic legacy by visiting great tourist attractions for Muslims. Finding the Qibla, Masjid an Nabawi, Topkapı Palace, Al-Azhar Univeristy, Karaouiyine Mosque and so many other historic places has never been so easy. Adventure through the Ottoman Empire, North Africa, Far Asia and even the Middle East without ever getting lost!

Using the latest technology redefine what’s around you powered by our built-in GPS technology and augmented reality. One of the features of our augmented reality technology is that it allows you to project landmarks directly onto the screen of your smart phone. By the feature of GPS mapping you will be able view, trace and accurately engage with your surroundings using your smart phone geolocation positioning.

A welcome integration

At Muzbnb, our main goal is to give our users an experience they've never had before but always wanted. This partnership gives us the ability to further expand our user experience into areas that other platforms won't. We aim to be a global leader in the preservation and exploration of Islam's rich culture - allowing Muslims and non-Muslims alike the opportunity to truly travel with an open mind and heart.