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Muzbnb is a halal hospitality marketplace that connects travelers with short-term rental homes, hotels, restaurants, products and more!

Experience each place like never before

Join this growing community of travelers, hosts and adventurers.

Meet the Team

Muzbnb was founded in 2016 by a group of young entrepreneurs who were not only looking
to encourage travel & adventure within the global Muslim community; but to also
build a community where Muslims could feel totally comfortable
and accepted while traveling and lodging.

With a diverse set of skills and abilities, this team is dedicated to delivering a platform that
Muslims could truly be proud of.

Hadi Shakuur
Muhammad Oda
nur ahmad furlong
ux design

Strategic Partnerships

To better serve our users we have partnered with various organizations that are continuously innovating in the fields of technology, philanthropy, and research.

our partners include
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