The Future of Muslim Travel is Muzbnb

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Experience each place like never before

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Meet the Team

Muzbnb was founded in 2016 by a group of young entrepreneurs who were not only looking
to encourage travel & adventure within the global Muslim community; but to also
build a community where Muslims could feel totally comfortable
and accepted while traveling and lodging.

With a diverse set of skills and abilities, this team is dedicated to delivering a platform that
Muslims could truly be proud of.

Hadi Shakuur

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Hadi is an entrepreneur and creative designer with a passion for design, Islamic history, and culture. Hadi's most memorable travel experience was living in Alexandria, Egypt for thirteen months with his wife and young daughter.

Muhammad Oda

Born and raised in Southern California, Muhammad is an entrepreneur with a passion for the arts, coffee and creative writing. Muhammad's most memorable adventure was his 40 day journey with the Tablighi Jamaat from San Diego to Vancouver.

Attia Nasar
Director of Communications

Born an raised in Upstate, NY, Attia found herself in Washington, D.C. six years ago after grad school. She is a public relations and digital strategist by training with a passion for engagement. Her most memorable travel experience was diving in the beautiful cenotes of Tulum, Mexico.

Sakina Hassanali
Director of Marketing

Sakina was born and raised in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. In some 27 odd years, she has roamed the streets of Stone town, Zanzibar, flown a trike on top of Ka’ena Point, Oahu, and ridden the famous London "Tube". Sakina is a marketing and branding strategist.

Customer Success
asif amod
director of technology
nur ahmad furlong
ux design
Awsaf Anam Chowdhury
Layla El-Zein
rafiuddin shikoh
Mohamed Geraldez
shahed amanullah

Strategic Partnerships

To better serve our users we have partnered with various organizations that are continuously innovating in the fields of technology, philanthropy, and research.

our partners include

"Muzbnb is based on the idea that Muslim communities can bring back a level of hospitable care for the traveler that I believe will be welcome in a world becoming increasingly cold and detached. Sometimes people want more than a room - they want to feel like a guest. Muzbnb can give that to them."

Shahed Amanullah

"As a traveler, I personally feel Muzbnb is excellent and innovative. I have been looking for an online platform for years that meet my needs in terms of locations, affordability and safely. At last, I discovered Muzbnb! I wish all the best and success to everyone at Muzbnb."

IKbal Hussein

"Great social entrepreneurs see a problem & through market forces try to provide a solution. That’s exactly what the team behind Muzbnb is setting out to do for millions of potential globe trotters. Their desire to use their platform to support humanitarian causes makes their endeavor even more impressive!"

Oussama Mezzoui